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Residential Training (Open Workshops)

Human assets of any organization must undergo regular training in order to be competitive enough to face impromptu challenges in the external as well as internal environment. NAHRD organizes and conducts residential training programs that help employees focus completely on the subject matter of the program and realize their full potential. These training programs are conducted by specialized faculty and experts and are complemented with case studies and practical training including role-plays, management games and other techniques to give a hands-on experience to the trainees. Apart from training on the subject matter, the trainees are also groomed to enhance their overall managerial skills. The residential training programs can be conducted for an individual or a group of employees from one or more organizations.

Residential training programs are generally more effective since the employees can focus completely on the training program without day-to-day job pressures and work commitments. It also gives an opportunity to the employees to share their views and experiences with other trainees from other organizations and learn from the experiences shared by others. Such programs are held from time to time with an aim to keep the corporate world updated with the latest policies and procedures and required technical and managerial skills.

Customized Training (In- house workshops)

Every organization has its own unique requirements of human resource skills. To meet these specific needs, NAHRD organizes customized training programs for grooming the employees of a particular organization. NAHRD initially conducts a thorough research of the organization through its manuals, historical data and technical, financial and other reports. It then designs a proposed training program covering all the loopholes discovered while conducting the study. The main benefit of individual training programs is that the employees get a focused curriculum as per their organization’s requirement and also get in-depth knowledge on topics.

Customized training programs help in building team spirit among employees and are cost effective. These training programs combine theoretical as well as practical training techniques and are supported with specially designed case studies and exercises. NAHRD also guides the organization in selecting a proper mix of trainees for maximizing the benefit of the program. These programs can be conducted at the organization itself or as specialized residential training.

To ensure proper implementation of the techniques learnt during the training program, NAHRD provides the organization with a corresponding action-plan. It also undertakes follow-up training sessions to solve any post training issues.


NAHRD works as a consultant and provides solutions to specific problems faced by the client organization. The level of consultation and the degree of involvement depends upon the client’s requirement. So the consultation can range from just advising on a particular issue to designing and conducting training sessions for solving the issue. NAHRD begins with a thorough study of the organization done by its team of specialized consultants. These consultants work with the employees of the client organization to gather information about the problem. Through the in-depth collection, analysis using latest techniques and interpretation of data, the consultants give their proposed action-plan to the organization. We also train and assist the employees in following the action-plan.