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National Academy of Human Resource Development is working towards the growth and enhancement of the human assets in the government sector.

Given the uncertainties in the national and international economy, market conditions and changing government policies, employees have to be well equipped with exceptional skills that help them face challenges and help their organization grow against adverse circumstances. Our organization runs on the principle of practical approach to situations. We help people acquire a wide range of skills that are required to survive, grow and be successful in the corporate world. Our practical oriented curriculum combined with state-of-the-art technology and expert trainers, gives a hands-on exposure and experience to employees, preparing them to conquer the global market!


Our mission is to ensure growth and enhancement of the quality of human assets of organizations by adding to and refining their skill-sets and by making them globally competent to further the interests of their organizations. NAHRD works as a bridge between the ever-evolving external environment and corresponding requirement of human resource skills. As an independent entity, we at NAHRD associate with Central and State Government organizations, local bodies and other organizations for one or more of the following activities:

  • Training the employees for a specific skill or a set of skills.
  • Application of new technology in different work areas.
  • Understanding of government policies in different sectors and their implications.
  • Conducting in-house workshops that are customized to the specific organization’s requirement.
  • Organizing general open workshops on different policies, procedures and laws affecting different sectors.
  • Working as change agents by guiding the organizations towards adapting new improved work methods.
  • Development, dissemination and application of knowledge to increase productivity.
  • Strengthening the performance and competitiveness of the national economy.
  • Improving working conditions and quality of work life of the employees.